Baosteel Italia website access conditions

The purpose of the Baosteel Italia website is to provide a simple description of the company and its activities, without this representing an official document and in any case at the conditions set forth below. Gaining access to the site and obtaining the materials and information it contains therefore implies acceptance of these conditions by users.

Ownership rights

The layout of the site and its content (e.g. information, forecasts, data, images, characters, numbers, notes, opinions and analysis) are the exclusive property of Baosteel Italia and the rights deriving from their use are reserved exclusively for Baosteel Italia and in any case subject to the protection offered by current legislation, including copyright, trade mark, patent and other laws. The company’s trademarks, logos and names are the property of Baosteel Italia. They may not therefore be used without the prior written consent of Baosteel Italia. In detail, the company name Baosteel Italia may not be used by third parties without the prior written consent of Baosteel Italia. Specifically, any use for advertising purposes without such consent is prohibited, even if at the time any form of collaboration exists between such third parties and Baosteel Italia.

Limitations of use

The information contained in the site may be transferred to the user’s system only for personal use. All rights of reproduction for financial, commercial or industrial purposes are therefore excluded.

Limitation of liability

The information contained in this website is provided in the good faith conviction that it is precise and truthful. However, Baosteel Italia provides no warranty and declines all responsibility for any damage which may derive, directly or indirectly, from any error or imprecision in or from the failure to update such information. It is therefore the responsibility of users to verify the information obtained, particularly if such information influences decisions relating to financial or commercial initiatives. In consideration of the purely informative purpose of the site and its content, such information may not produce rights or arouse expectations in any form for third parties, and therefore Baosteel Italia reserves the right to perform modifications or changes, and also to modify or block the aforementioned products, services and activities. Access to and the use of the Baosteel Italia website also assume that users have verified compatibility with their systems and that connection to it does not cause any malfunction of the information infrastructure used. Baosteel Italia will in no case be held liable for any damages deriving from such connections, even in the case that computer viruses are present or other causes; Baosteel Italia also reserves the right to prosecute as appropriate any activity aimed at causing damage to the site or limiting its use.


The Baosteel Italia website contains links to third party sites. The existence of these links does not imply that Baosteel Italia sponsors or has any interests in relation to the owners of linked websites. Baosteel Italia therefore declines all responsibility in relation to the content of linked third party websites. Users who decide to access a site through a link do so at their own risk and accept that they are responsible for taking the necessary measures against viruses and other elements which can damage their computer.


The data stored in the Baosteel Italia website does not contain sensitive information pursuant to Legislative Decree 196/03 (Privacy Code). Data sent by users to the site in electronic form are handled in compliance with current legislation. The personal data controller is the company, to which any communication or notification on the matter should be sent. Where possible, access to the site guarantees that the user’s name is kept confidential, in the sense that no other user may in any way learn which users have accessed the site, where other users have navigated inside the site or what information they have obtained. Users accept that their names will be retained by Baosteel Italia for the sole and exclusive purpose of building a database of users to whom to send updates or information regarding Baosteel Italia. At users’ request, Baosteel Italia will immediately remove their names from the database and confirm same in writing.